Attorney Review of Lender Documents

We understand that some lenders prefer to use their own documentation. Kubik Law Firm’s staff of mortgage professionals will provide a review your loan closing packages.

Texas is an “Unauthorized Practice of Law” State

Lender DocumentsIn Texas, the preparation of notes, deeds of trust and other instruments affecting title to real property constitutes the practice of law. Consequently, outside counsel must prepare or review such documents. See Tex. Gov. Code § 83.001; Hexter Title & Abstract Co., Inc. v. Grievance Committee, 179 S.W. 2d 946 (Tex. 1944).

Penalties for Engaging in the Unauthorized Practice of Law

Lenders engaging in the unauthorized practice of law in Texas may be subject to injunction and penalties in actions brought by the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee of the Supreme Court of Texas. In addition, such lenders may also be subject to damages, court costs, and attorneys’ fees in individual and class actions brought by consumers.

Our advice — Have Kubik Law Firm Review Your Documents

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